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Naughty Hearts - Buy Me a Rose Playlist

Welcome to my playlist for my short story, Buy Me a Rose. I’ve been writing erotic romance for a number of years now and I’ve found that one of the most important parts of my writing is music. Music inspires titles, scenes, love scenes and even my characters.

I think this is true for most writers but it’s especially true for me. I know many writers who can’t abide lyrics when they’re writing because it distracts them. For me, songs with lyrics help me to reinforce my own words and the feelings behind them. I love to listen to great songs and genre doesn’t matter. Love songs grab your heart whether they twang, strum or anything else.

Let me give you an example, I’ve been writing about shapeshifters since I started out and most of my stories have featured couples who are new to each other. But I wondered what would happen with a couple who’d shared a long relationship. Would things stay happy or could True Mates, my version of fated soulmates among my shapeshifters, drift apart.

After considering for a while, I realized that yes, a True Mate relationship could get strained and just like any other relationship if a couple didn’t nurture it, the relationship could falter. But with True Mates, there’s no divorce option because once you’re together, you’re mated for life. Unlike a human couple, the danger of cheating or splitting up isn’t in the cards.

To make this story work, my couple, Nathaniel (Nat) and Jessica (Jess) Whitewolf have allowed their relationship to grow stale, but with help from their kids and some work together, they get the opportunity to rediscover each other.

Nat is a dedicated doctor and Jess is involved in her landscaping business and active in the community. They’d lost touch with one another. My shapeshifters can communicate mind to mind and Nat and Jess have almost forgotten how.

So here are a few tunes on my playlist for Buy Me a Rose.

Of course the biggest influence was Buy Me a Rose by Kenny Rogers. I remember watching an episode of Touched by an Angel that featured Kenny Rogers and roughly followed the storyline of his song. That episode and that song stayed with me. When I started writing this story, I knew that this song had to be featured so I could explore that distance between my hero and heroine. It ended up being an important turning point for my hero.

Another important song for my hero and heroine is “their song.” All I Need sung by Jack Wagner was a big hit in the mid-1980s when Nat and Jess met. In fact, it was the very first song they ever danced to and it expressed feelings they both had at that time in their life.

Another song that I used when I was writing and I also mention within the story is a song that long time lovers would respond to is Remember When by Alan Jackson. It’s sweet and it can make me cry and I know Jess would feel the same way.

Something That We Do by Clint Black is also one of those songs that helped me while I wrote. It’s super romantic but it kept me aware of the importance of the little things – the things we do – that show our love to one another. That was definitely something that Nat and Jess needed to be reminded of. Live in each day. Love in each day. Share each day.

Buy Me A Rose  by Francesca Hawley
Jessica and Nathaniel Whitewolf celebrate their thirtieth anniversary as True Mates but they’ve lost their bond. Now a hot couples’ retreat will get it back.

Excerpt from Buy Me a Rose by Francesca Hawley
Copyright © Francesca Hawley, 2015
Chapter One

She heard his step on the stairs and dished his bacon and eggs onto the plate. Right on schedule. Just like every morning. He walked into the kitchen and absently kissed her cheek as he sat down at the table. He ate neatly, as he always did.

Jessica Whitewolf watched her True Mate as he read the paper, his forehead knotted in thought. He’d been so focused on a case lately. One of his patients was late in a high risk pregnancy and he had been seeing her often so that she’d have a healthy pup.

Jess knew she shouldn’t feel jealous, the wolf bitch needed Nat’s attention. Sadly though, Jess couldn’t remember the last time her Mate focused so keenly on her. She fought the envy down and choked it off, wishing the best for the expectant mother.

“What are your plans today?” she asked.

Jess could almost predict what he’d say even though they rarely used their True Mate telepathic bond anymore. He’d talk about spending the day at the clinic and checking on his special case. Then he’d get up, give her a quick kiss and tell her he’d see her tonight.

“It’s a clinic day. I’ll be slammed all day with office visits.”

“Any interesting cases? How is Missy Goldwolf doing?”


Jess smiled. Nat was a stickler about confidentiality. “She’s pregnant. She’s had a difficult pregnancy and everyone in the entire valley is holding their breaths hoping she’ll carry to term. It isn’t hard to figure out, honey.”

He rose and crossed the room. “I suppose not. She’s holding her own. I’m just glad that Yohana approved the upgrade to the obstetrics and neonatal units at the hospital.”

“Well, considering she’ll need it soon herself, it was a no-brainer for the council.”

“She didn’t know that at the time it was approved, but my thanks to the council,” Nat smiled and gave her a wink since Jess was part of that civic body. “I better go. See you tonight, right?” He kissed her cheek, picked up his briefcase and headed for the front door. Jess followed.

“The kids sent cards.”

“Hmm?” he asked absently as she followed him.

“Anniversary cards,” she hinted. “For us.”

“That’s nice.”

He opened the door and left without turning around once. She watched him walk to the car and waved as he drove away. He didn’t wave back. She wasn’t even sure he’d seen her.
Jess sighed. When had this happened? When had they become so comfortable and…boring. She turned around and went inside to wash up in the kitchen before she headed over to her landscaping business.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Celebrate National Library Week


This week is National Library Week. I get so frustrated when I hear politicians say things like "With the internet, we don't need libraries anymore." We need libraries now more than ever. Not only because libraries house the books we want to read and use for research but also because librarians are super at helping a person find their next read or discover information about a topic they're researching. Google is great but it isn't a resource for everything.

Many web sites are skewed toward or against one viewpoint or another. Without someone (like a librarian) to help you evaluate web sites, you might get caught using inaccurate information. This is important for students, but it's just as important for an author. If you write an historical novel, for example, using a web site with little authority behind it caught come back to bite you in the behind. Your readers might nail you, or reviewers familiar with that time period might catch you out. Utilizing a library and help from librarians can get you accurate information with a decent level of authority behind it. By authority I mean, a book that's written by an expert in the field. Not just some dude or dudette who may or may not have done research themselves.

So this week, visit your local library. Thank a librarian.
And remember, we do need libraries!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hanky Spanky Play List

In Hanky Spanky, the hero, Andy Larson, is a Minnesota sugar beet farmer who is a sensual Dom. My heroine, Karen Eckberg, has had a crush on Andy since high school, but now that she's moved back to her home town it's time for Karen and Andy to get to know each other and develop a hot Dom/sub relationship.

While I wrote this story, music helped me to set the mood depending on which scene I was writing. The song that inspired the title and the fun of the story was Hanky Panky sung by Madonna.

Karen has always found farmer Andy sexy and so one of the songs that fits the sexy relationship between Andy and Karen is the fun song She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy sung by Kenny Chesney.

 And of course the story is about BDSM and features a club that Andy and Karen meet face to face in for the first time. Up to that point, Karen doesn't realize her online Sir is Andy. But at the club, I'm sure Rihanna's S&M would be playing in the main room.

At one point, Andy and Karen dance to Father Figure by George Michael. It's a sexy moment in their first evening together.

And this is a love song that fits the way Andy feels about Karen. She isn't convinced of her beauty but to Andy, she's a stunner.

And finally, I can see Karen perform this dance for Andy in a sexy epilogue to this story. One of my favorite scenes from 9 1/2 Weeks was this one - You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker.

I love these songs and they fit Hanky Spanky really well. It made writing the story a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the insight into my writing process. Thanks! Francesca Hawley

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Release Cover Reveal...HANKY SPANKY!!!!

 I've been working on a new release for a year now and I'm finally ready to go live with my new cover. The design is by the uber talented Dar Albert. If you're interested in hiring a wonderful cover artist, you can find her at:  http://www.wickedsmartdesigns.com/

Hanky Spanky is a contemporary BDSM erotic romance with a BBW heroine. I had a lot of fun writing this book and I hope my readers enjoy this story. 

But fair warning...this book is as hot as a habanero!

The release date is March 9, 2015. 
I'll post buy links very soon for my first solo Indie release.


Karen Eckberg has spent months in front of a webcam, writhing and moaning, dutifully performing to Master Lars’ voiced commands. She’s sexually alive for the first time in her life but when her perfect Dom turns out to be none-other than her high school crush “Aw Shucks” Andy Larson, life takes an even more sensual turn than she’d ever expected.

Karen is everything Andy Larson has ever wanted in a sub, achingly responsive and eager to please her Master in every way. Unfortunately, their red-hot affair both in and out of the dungeon draws unwanted attention from his possessive ex-wife fueling Andy’s protective streak.

And now there's no safe word that can protect Karen from a woman scorned.


Oh, God. It was Andy. “Nothing. Just girl talk. Did you need something?” Damn him, he always managed to move so quietly. She hoped he hadn’t heard anything important…or incriminating.

“Yes, I need something.”

She looked up into his smiling blue eyes, clenching her toes to hide any other reaction to him. His eyes were uncharacteristically intense. She didn’t think he was capable of looking at anything but his sugar beet fields like that.

“Well? What do you need?”


Karen sat up, her jaw dropping open. “What?”

“I want to dance.”

Why did she have to feel disappointed? She should know better by now. He’d never shown one iota of interest before, so she shouldn’t hope for anything now.

“No one’s stopping you, Andy,” she raised her brows and waved him onto the floor, using sarcasm as a weapon and a defense.

His eyes darkened and his lips tightened. “I meant, would you dance with me?”

“Me?” Shit. Her voice sounded breathy and excited and it had always been like this for her. Her belly dropped and filled with butterflies. She’d always wanted him and maybe she always would, but she had her Sir to think of now. She cleared her throat, determined to sound in command. “You want to dance with me?”

He just nodded and held out his hand. His very large, long fingered, work callused hand. God, she loved his hands. Her nipples tightened so painfully she wanted to cuss.

“Yes, you.”

“Go on, Karen. He won’t leave until you do.” Hannah grinned. “You’re one stubborn Swede, Andy.”

“Yah. That’s what I am all right,” he replied in a lilting faux-Swedish accent.

“Right. Let’s get it over with then.” Karen stood and took his warm hand, reluctantly.

Not only did her belly fill with butterflies as he led her to the dance floor, but now her pussy dampened. It wasn’t fair. She shouldn’t have to fight her lifelong attraction to the favorite son of the town’s founding family on the night before she met her new Sir in person.

She didn’t want a reminder of her past and completely futile infatuation, but here he stood in all his glory. Andy was the image of the All American boy. Well, the Scandinavian version anyway. Short, wheat blonde hair, sky blue eyes and a ready smile. They stopped on the dance floor and stared at each other.

“Well, come here then,” he grumbled, pulling her into his arms and gazing into her eyes. His deep voice turned her on, damn him.

She tried to maintain a physical distance between them as they started to rotate in time to a slow song. Being the strong, silent type, he didn’t say anything else, yet the silence wasn’t awkward. Karen liked that he listened more than he talked. That he was cautious—as though he measured his words for the impact they had. But he always seemed self-effacing because he had a tendency to dip his head when he was thinking. But seemed was the operative word. His actions disarmed people, made them think he wasn’t all that smart, but she knew different.

“Well, aren’t you going to put your arms around me too, Karen?”

She blinked and lifted her arms to his broad, muscled shoulders. Unfortunately for her libido, as her breasts pressed firmly to his hard chest her tender nipples chafed against her bra leaving them peaked – taut and needy. He tried to pull her closer, but Karen drew back, trying to ease the torture to her nipples. She was so primed for tomorrow night. So ready for her Sir’s pleasure, and her own, that stimulation of any kind almost hurt.

Andy stroked the small of her back and Karen gasped. His lightest touch went right to her clit, making it throb. Why did she have to want him as much as she had in high school? Andy had been the football captain and an all-around star athlete. Not only that, he had dated then married the most popular girl, Debbie Markham, the head cheerleader. The surprise was the divorce five years later.

One day they were together, the next Andy graduated college and came home alone leaving Debbie in the cities. When they split, Karen heard speculation that Andy was gay, but if there was one thing Karen was sure about, it was that Andy Larson was as straight as one of his rows of sugar beets.

Andy leaned closer and she tried to back off again. His breath smelled good…hadn’t he been drinking a beer earlier? She hated the smell of beer, but somehow he managed to smell good anyway. He tugged her against him as the slow song continued to play. His hands cradled her waist, yet she could feel the power in his touch. His thigh slid between hers, rubbing her pussy with every step he took as they slowly turned in a circle on the crowded dance floor.

Her breath caught in her throat and she closed her eyes. The pressure of his thigh drove her crazy and she wanted to thrust against him. He dragged her closer and his hand slid from the middle of her back down the slope to rest at the top of her ass. His hold was firm; commanding.

Where did that come from? She had to stop. Sir Lars would kill her if she came, and she was getting damn close. Sir. She had to think about him. Save her orgasms for him. He was what she wanted in a man.

His Fetlife profile showed a hard bodied, tan man with a flogger in his hand but the photo showed only his bare chest and broad shoulders. Tantalizing her imagination.

After they started chatting online she'd asked to see his face but no matter how often she asked to see what he looked like, he refused. When she consented to turn on her web cam, she asked to see him too, but he said he didn’t have a web cam for his computer. It didn’t matter because his commands set her on fire.

“What are you thinking about so hard?” Andy murmured, his breath brushing her ear as he leaned close.

Karen shivered. She imagined Andy would sound like that when he was in bed with a woman and the thought tightened her pussy on an imaginary cock she wished was buried inside her. Sir’s cock. That’s right. Not Andy’s. Never Andy’s.

“Just stuff.”

“Stuff? What kind of stuff? You can tell me, we’ve known each other forever.”

She leaned away from him to look up into his eyes. “We may have known each other since high school, Andy. But you don’t really know me at all.”

“Don’t I?” He purred and his arm tightened again.

Karen found herself cradled against his body. Touching from head to foot. Riding his muscular thigh. Karen struggled to back away but he was stronger than she was and his forceful grip turned her on even more than she already was. Every time he took a step toward her, his leg prodded her pussy. She tried to fight her reaction. Regulate her breathing, but it didn’t help. Nothing did.

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Naughty Hearts - Boxed set available on February 1st

The Naughty Literati are at it again. We have a new release of  twelve hot Valentine's Day themed short reads.

iTunes: http://indi.uno/18DSyDw

Suz deMello

Two college basketball players find themselves alone on V-Day evening. (M/F)

Alexa Silver

When Keith and Jenna accidentally fall under the spell of one of her Valentine’s Day love potions, lust is in the air!

Nicole Austin

All I want for Valentine’s Day is to get barbed by a feline shifter and act out a few of the naughty twin fantasies getting me hot and bothered.

Belle Scarlett

Valerie buys a South Carolina plantation and discovers a Valentine addressed to her from a previous owner who bids her to return to him in 1865.

Regina Kammer

Gadzooks! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – what’s a scientist to do? Edward knows naught of romance. Can steam power prevail over chocolates to win Delia’s heart?

Lynne Connolly

A booker at a top model agency learns she’s anything but ordinary when two sexy photographers point their lenses—and more—at her.

Lainey-Jo Charles

How do you choose between an online crush you’ve never met and a secret crush that you have? Maybe you don’t have to…

Francesca Hawley

Jessica and Nathaniel Whitewolf celebrate their thirtieth anniversary as True Mates but they’ve lost their bond. Now a hot couples’ retreat will get it back.

Berengaria Brown

Jake refuses to talk to Matt after he was very late on Christmas Eve. Matt’s determined to reconnect with Jake on Valentine’s Day.

Marianne Stephens

Alan’s last job as Cupid 84 involves neighbor Amy and a special box of candy. Both secretly desire the other. Can they find true love?

Katherine Kingston

Dumped on Valentine’s Day! Melissa only thinks the day can’t get any worse. Until she damages her hot neighbor’s car, and he demands unexpected compensation.

Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Sometimes a Reaper has to do what a Reaper does. It would be wise for a life-mate to remember that!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fat Thoughts from a Fat Chick

I wasn't going to comment on this because I didn't figure the woman needed more publicity, but it
The Fabulous Tess Munster
both annoyed and saddened me so I'm going to.

So, I have to tell you a deep dark secret about me - I'm a TLC near-addict. Not a total addict - I don't watch Kate + 8 or Honey Boo Boo, but yes, I watch a LOT of their shows. Don't Judge!

So last night, I was watching the end of Sister Wives - yes, I watch that. I find polygamy interesting. Again...don't judge! :-) And right after that was a program called Fat and Back. I thought it might be interesting until I "met" the star of the program.

Most of us fat chicks have probably heard of Katie Hopkins. This is the British woman who goes around being cruel and horrid to varying people that she finds disgusting - like fat people. People either hate her or love her for "telling it like it is." Personally, I don't believe she "tells it like it is." She basically uses a public forum to spout insults to people. Kind of like Ann Coulter.

So anyway, I planned to switch the channel and call it done. I figured this is the kind of person who will learning nothing from what she planned to do. And what DID she plan to do? One of her favorite homilies is that fatties wouldn't be that way if they'd just quit eating and exercised more. That's ALL they have to do. (Editorial comment: HA!) So her plan was to eat an insane amount of food and put on 50+ pounds in three months and then diet and exercise for three months to get back to being her perfect thin self.

Everyone she talked to told her she was nuts - doctors, friends, family, etc. I think she was nuts too. So I wasn't going to watch this - but as I was channel surfing I did find myself returning to the channel to catch a few minutes here and there. At one point, she was whining to her diary camera that mean fat people MADE her do this. Um...no. I'm sure there were fat people that told her to put up or shut up, but she decided to eat 4000 calories a day in order to gain all this weight so she could "prove her point." This woman started out eating 2000 calories a day and didn't gain weight  because of genetics and metabolism, so she jumped to the 4000 calories a day. Yes, I did say 4000 calories a day.

Most fat people don't do that. There may be a few people that do, but by and large most fat people are trying to eat less and exercise yet they still find themselves fat at the end of the day/week/month/year. There was one point where I thought she might learn something.

http://benheine.deviantart.com/art/Marilyn-Willendorf-54947745She went to talk to a therapist and the therapist called bullshit on her and explained (rather patiently, I thought) that  Katie was emotionally attached to her exercising and didn't she think it was possible that a fat person might be emotionally attached to food? Ding, ding, ding! Therapist is a winner.  Katie didn't like that and reluctantly admitted in the vehicle as they were driving home that yes, she could see that if someone had an emotional attachment to food, it might be harder to lose weight.

I thought - OMG - she finally understands. No such luck. Later in the hour, she was back to calling fat people disgusting and repellant. All through the episode it was like one step forward, two steps back.

Today I googled this to see if I could find out whether she managed to lose her weight. There was an interview with her and it was patently obvious she learned little to nothing. She was still talking about the disgusting lazy fat people. It made me think about how she affects the people around her - friends and family  - as well as total strangers.

First of all, she has a platform and a certain sort of celebrity so that people listen to her. What comes out of her mouth is pretty much bullying. It's the kind of thing I heard as a teen that made me suicidal. Nope - not being melodramatic. I often considered killing myself because of being fat when I was a teen. I felt bullied because of my size. I hid it. I'm sure that if you ask my high school friends if they thought I was depressed enough that I might kill myself - most would say no. My mom worried about me though and with good reason. So I watch this program and worry that her attitudes are being given credence by people she doesn't know. People like the teen I was who would internalize that kind of crap.

And just for my own curiosity I wonder even more about her and people like her, too. If someone like that has a fat child, do they say, "Mummy doesn't want to look at you because you're disgusting. Lose some weight and then I'll love you again." Would they tell a spouse, "I don't want to touch you because you're ugly. Lose weight and then I'll make love to you again." Would someone like this tell a friend, "I can't be your friend anymore because you won't take care of yourself. If you lose weight, then I'll be your friend again. Otherwise, don't bother me."

What does that say about them? Who would treat a loved one that way? And god, who would WANT the love of someone whose love is so incredibly conditional? Doesn't anyone else find this attitude abusive?

There was a time that I might have been desperate enough to have a life partner that I might have fallen for the abuse. Now, thank god, I'm not like that. Anyone says shit like that to me now and yeah, I'll lose weight. I'll lose THEM because they don't f-ing deserve me.

I hope for the sakes of those around her, fat never enters their lives. I hope they are able to lose the baby weight. I hope if they're related to her, they have her genetic makeup and metabolism. I wish the best for them, because she won't learn. Think of all the awesome people she'll never meet. And why? Because she refuses to judge them by the content of their character, instead she judges them by the size of their body. How very sad.